Thursday, November 7, 2013

Luck O' the Preggo?

So I hate Oreos. I think they are disgusting. The cookie isn't sweet and the filling is too sweet and instead of combing the two for a perfect combination of sweetness you just get a disgusting crumbly mess. However, when I'm pregnant (and subsequently breast feeding) I can't get enough of them. Weird, I know.

So lately I've been so sick and nauseous that I haven't been up to eating much. But when I do eat, sweets tend to help settle my stomach so combine that with actual Oreo cravings and, well, you do the math. Since I still technically hate Oreos, I prefer to eat them in ice cream form. (FYI, TCBY sells a really good cookies and cream frozen yogurt that I get at Target. I might as well be somewhat health conscious if this habit is going to continue for the next 7+ months)

Last week I met my mom for lunch. I had a bagel and lox, also something I've been craving recently. It wasn't on the menu but they had all the ingredients in other dishes so I tried to politely be "that guy" and basically create my own custom item. To top it off I ordered a side of fruit but had to inform the server of my strawberry allergy, in essence cementing my status as super annoying picky customer. Since I'm not visibly pregnant yet I can't fall back on that as a plea for strangers to humor me. I felt bad but knew I was at least leaving a good tip. After lunch I ordered one scoop of cookies & cream ice cream. Well, our server brought me a huge bowl of it and said that he had accidentally brought me a smaller side of fruit than I should have had so he wasn't charging me for the ice cream. Yup, definitely got a good tip! And I guess I wasn't as bad as I thought as far as being annoying and high maintenance.

Last night I had to work an event at a McDonalds. I haven't eaten McDonalds since a certain pink goo chicken nugget picture surfaced during my last pregnancy, turning me off to fast food forever (not that I ate it all that regularly anyway. Also, In N Out Burger does not count). Well, being hungry and pregnant and still recovering from a poor fry experience on Saturday I decided to get some fries. Then I saw the Oreo McFlurry and decided I needed one of those too. The sweet awkward teenaged guy running the register asked if I was sure I didn't want some real food, like he was generally concerned for my health. So I sighed, figuring he was right and changed my order to the cheeseburger meal and no McFlurry. Then after paying I realized I forgot to say no onions on the cheeseburger and sheepishly asked if it was too late and apologized for having changed my order 3 times. When my order was ready they handed me not only an onion-free cheeseburger but also an Oreo McFlurry. The girl said she had already made it and could tell I really wanted it.

So twice in a week I scored free Oreo ice cream, both after I could have been considered an obnoxious customer and not deserving of free anything. I'm going to be huge if this streak continues!